Its been awhile. I have been on africa time for the past 6 weeks.   I have been volunteering in an orphanage in Tanzania. Lets just say it was inspiring and life changing. But before I bash the keyboard and become all preachy. I would like to share this quote (I am sucker for quotes)


“Do your little bit of good where you are. Its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Desmond Tutu

 These kids that I worked with everyday had nothing.  One cup of shitty, watery, porridge sludge is what they would eat. Sometimes the porridge would run out and they would HAVE NOTHING.  If we were not there to buy bread and rice they would still be eating this shit. Fourteen of them would sleep on FOUR SINGLE beds. Yet these kids were so happy and grateful for what they had. Everyday they would be smiling and laughing. Some of the children just wanted to have a hug and shown some love. One girl in particular would not let go of me at the end of the day. So happy with the simplest things like a hug or a piece of a bread.  It puts your life into perspective.  Who chooses the life we lead? Who decides, who is going to be born into a family of wealth. this stuff really keeps me up at night. Now I don’t want to sound preachy but be grateful for what you have. We are so lucky! 


Poverty sucks. Its not a problem that is going to be fixed overnight. It can seem overwhelming. what can I do that can help!? I am only 18! I don’t have the answers and I don’t know if I ever will. But if we do little acts of kindness we may be able to change the world. 


This little girls name is happiness we all called her happy. Her name matched her personality! 







lets explore.

“I’m not sure what I’ll do, but— well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale.” Scott Fitzgerald



Fun fact:

Every-time we remember a past memory our brain changes the actual memory. Each time we recall this past event we are actually remembering the last time we remembered it. CONFUSING. Well remember Chinese whispers were one person would whisper I like dogs and this would continue on until someone said I like to jog. Our brains are the same so each time we remember something the actual event becomes distorted.

this is kind of depressing. but interesting.

so ultimately peoples memories are illusions?


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*warning. the following passage has terrible spelling and grammar.*

Today I backed into my friends car. Thank god there was no damage. I was turing right and pulled out to  much reversed and decided not to look behind me. AM I JUST STUPID! anyone who knows me, knows I have seriously bad hand eye cordination. I was on the D netball team! (but hey atleast we were having fun!)  I also am a complete scatter-brain. But I actually have a condition. BUT its all okay we all have our quirks AM I right! Plus Daniel radcliffe and florence welch have it so it MUST BE COOL. I am mildy dyspraxic. Wait do you mean dyslexia? NO  its called DYSPRAXIA. Lets do a little google definiton.

Developmental dyspraxia, referred to as developmental coordination disorder (DCD)[1][2][3][4][5] in the US and Europe, is a chronicneurological disorder beginning in childhood that can affect planning of movements and co-ordination as a result of brain messages not being accurately transmitted to the body.

Dyspraxia can cause problems with perception of distance, and with the speed of moving objects and people[15] This can cause problems moving in crowded places and crossing roads and can make learning to drive a car extremely difficult or impossible (THANKS to my realiable source of wiki)

(YEWWWWW ^ DATS ME.)   I was diagnosed when I was a small child because I had difficulty walking in a straight line and missed other significant childhood cues.  I KID you not TILL THIS DAY I CANNOT DRAW a perfect circle.  I also have a huge issue with personal space !If you GET IN MY BUBBLE you will know about.

But I don’t let the biatch get me down. Ok so I  am SHOCKING AT PARKING. I am extremely clumsy and forgetful, and always loosing things. But you have to work with what you got and own IT. ok so I may drop the ball if you throw it to me. but at least I am trying. We all have our quirks. I think is important to own them and don’t use them as an excuse. these quirks are a part of who you are.

so what are your quirk’s?


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Other People stories are so fascinating.


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recycled words.


Don’t you just love that feeling when you listen to a song, watch a film or read a passage in a book and you suddenly relate.

The lyrics and words resonate with you and leave an imprint on your brain.  Suddenly you don’t feel alone.

Below are just a few of the experts that have this effect on me.


Perks of Being A Wall Flower:




Staring at the stars Passenger.




Politik- Coldplay






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When life gives you lemons.


Shit happens.

Life can throw you some pretty shitty circumstances. Sometimes it seems impossible to recover from life’s blows. How do you cope with these shitty situations? When the situations are so awful they make you want to wither up in a ball and cry out in a fit of despair! After a great deal of crying and eating copious amount of chocolate cake. You are still stuck in the same sticky (literally from the cake lolz) shit situation, but you just feel worse and more fat. We can let life’s catastrophic  events knock us around or we can learn ways to deal with our circumstances. A close friend of mine has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. It really was a shock.  A mild headache at first, as the week progressed the headache became intolerable. Brain tumor. Tumor = cancerous= 6 months to live. This friend is so positive and so sprightly  it is so inspiring to see.


On a lighter note sometimes great things can  come out of bad situations. So I was fired from Wendy’s at age 14 (burned to many hotdogs- NEVER EAT A WENDYS HOTDOG LIKE VOMIT IN MY MOUTH!! THE CRAP THAT IS INSIDE THEM! IS THAT EVEN MEAT!?)  well not technically fired but mum went to the shop and was like why does laura not have any shifts. they were like we don’t want her anymore. So they told my MUM not me MY MUM. really wendy’s? pretty sure they were  employing me illegally. ( I am not bitter about this at all….. *note sarcasm* ) but something wonderful came out of it! A few months later I found a better job, that did not involve blending milkshakes. A job that challenges me and is actually interesting!

so remember kids if your going through hell keep on going.


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Comfort Zone.

Comfort Zones.

I think that it is important to leave our comfort zone, and try something new. Sure it maybe scary and frightening but it can often lead to exceptional experiences. If we don’t open ourselves to new ideas or experiences our perceptions stay the same. I think its a bad thing to be TOO comfortable. Its important to challenge yourself and be open to new possibilities. My goal this year is to be uncomfortable and do things that I wouldn’t normally do.  These things that you do don’t have to be drastic. Perhaps take a different route to work, try that new cuisine. Go to that party where you don’t know anyone. Challenge yourself.

So far I have had some interesting experiences, and I hope to have many more! In a month’s time I am volunteering  in Tanzania this is bound to test my comfort zone!

DSC00380  Bamboo shoots? Why not!

DSC00472 Sugar cane juice. (one of the best drinks I have ever tried)

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Hello Internet.

This is my blog. Here I will share with you some of my life experiences/experiments.

I hope you enjoy.



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